Particolo is a fun brain-teasing puzzle game which is playable here on pbsGames 2019. During the game, your mission is to change the colour of the particles, in order to fill the stage with a single color. The challenging part is, you only have a limited amount of moves. So think first what would be the right steps to finish every level. Enjoy!

This challenging puzzle game will keep you glued to your screen for hours – although Particolo looks simple from the outset, the puzzles are actually quite difficult and you must really use your brain! The premise is simple – you must change the screen so it is filled with just one colour of particle. Choosing from 5 colors, you must decide which particles to change and each level must be completed in a certain amount of moves.

If there are two sets of particles close together, they may morph into one block, so use this to your advantage.Here at, choose your moves carefully and think about subsequent move, how will each move affect the particles? You will inexplicably find yourself playing this game religiously and trying to beat each level! There is literally only one correct color choice therefore you may have to repeat the level several times before you pick the right one!

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Instruction to play:

Left click to choose a color and change the particle's color.