Flappyroyale.io is an endurance game of reflex and skill which is playable on pbs io games. All of us remeber the smash phenomenom that was the original "Flappy Bird." Your goal is to keep your bird aloft by flapping and bobbing at only the right time, trying to avoid the yellow tubes. Flappyroyale.io is the ultimate in physics, flying, and fun!

It was a game which captured the hearts and minds of young and old alike. But, of course, there were the inevitbale take down notices, copyright issues, and so on. But now, the heart and soul of Flappy Bird lives on in Flappy Royale io at https://pbskidsgames.games/! This is the ultimate in reflex, reaction, coordination, skill and luck. You must guide your customized bird through 100 different screens. The best part is that its different every time. You'll also be playing against hundreds of other potential Flappy players. 

Each of their birds will be visible on your screen so you can track your progress and compete in real time! How far can you make it? Will you be the monarch of the Flappy world or crash headlong into an errant tube? Only time will tell, but, with the simple click of your mouse, a little practice, and a lot of determination you just might be able to clumsily flap your way to the top of the leader boards!

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Instruction to play:

Press left mouse button or space bar to flap.