Do you want to play classic Pac-Man games with many players? Now, has realized your dreams! In this game at pbs games unblocked, you take control of our hero PacMan. As usual, you must move around the level and collect the pellets on the floor - as you eat these pellets you will grow to a huge size! 
It is really a hot classic arcade game. You will be attracted by this multiplayer game, no matter the answer is yes or no.

Like your favorite Pacman game at, the more beans you collect, the better. The difference is that other bigger players can devour you, so you must use the obstacles on the map to avoid enemy attacks. Similarly, when you have more power, you can eat other people to absorb more energy! Wish you live longer in this fun world! Enjoy this amazing game! 

If you are looking for a game both entertaining and challenging, this is a must-play option that you shouldn’t miss. Enjoy the game and explore more interesting games on our site such as and

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or space bar to boost speed.