Fireboy And Watergirl 3 Ice Temple

Fireboy And Watergirl 3 Ice Temple is the most fun 2 player game which is playable on pbs2 games free online. Fireboy And Watergirl are best friends, today they will take an adventure in an ice temple to get a mystery gift. They need to cooperate with each other to solve all difficulties. You can play with your friends or just play alone. Work together with your friend and assist each other through every level in this cooperative 2-player game. Can you successfully complete all the challenges? 

At, the fire and water spirits are about to search for their third seal, although they are sure to found it within the next Ice temple. The first two were already destroyed, releasing part of their essence from this earthly existence, but only when all of them are complete they will be able to release their souls.

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Instruction to play:

Watergirl controls

AD to move

W to jump

Fireboy controls:

Left and right arrow to move

Up arrow to jump