is a brilliant multiplayer io game which is playable on pbs games play online! You control a small snake, and your objective is to make it grow as large as possible and conquer the other snakes on the map. Are you ready to survive a huge arena full of cunning snakes? With game, all of your surviving skills will be tested. This Slither Style free for all game merges snakes and blocks elements together. 

You must build your size by eating the scattered circles around the map. Once you have strengthened your snake, you will be able to jump into brutal clashes. To destroy your opponent snakes, you can surround them and block their heads with your body. Don’t forget to use your amazing dash ability to surpass them, which makes them hit you as well. But, this dash ability will be run out! Therefore at, if you want to recharge it, try to smash many colored blocks on the map. You must play in a tactical way for outsmarting all of the opponents and working your way to the top of the leaderboard!

In addition, we suggest giving players other similar dress up games so they have a chance to choose and save to their favorite game list if they want to participate when there is a spare time like Blocky Snakes and Each journey has its own way of discovery.

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to control the movement.

Press left mouse button to boost speed.