Spiderman: Spider Warrior

Spiderman: Spider Warrior is an absorbing but simple game that you can play here on pbs free online. You will take the part of Peter Packer, and use web shooter to fight against Rhino. During the game, your mission is to attack the Rhino, defeat him and save the city. The Rhino is the only enemy in the game. 

Take on the roll of one of Marvel’s most popular heroes and take down the villain Rhino to save the city. Try to hit him with your spider-web when he’s off guard. We give you a certain amount of time and the clock will countdown. During that time, you have to make attacks on Rhino as much as possible aiming at trouncing him. You can also use your shots to block all incoming attacks, like flying gas tanks or Rhino’s powerful dashes. Knock him down as fast as you can to earn a higher score. Have fun with Spiderman: Spider Warrior!

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to shoot the webs.