game at Pbs 2020 is another great .io game which is really good for relaxation. Your mission is to upgrade your character to the maximum possible level. Earn the XP points, upgrade the skills. Try all available modes and customization options in CarWarz io.

In the game, 18 different cartoon cars fight for survival in 4 different maps. Vehicles arrive in the arena and the fight begins. Watch your opponents and hit them from the back and sides. With the fire bonus, you can hit 2 times better. Also don't forget to take the shield bonus and health bonuses. Come on, show them who's the king of the!

With such elaborated gameplay and useful tips, are you ready to enhance your observation, problem-solving skills with this game at The harder trials of puzzles and quizzes can be found here such as, which will be quite a challenge for beginners. 

Instruction to play:

Use AD or → ← to drive

Esc to pasuse menu