is an interesting survival game which is playable on pbs games free online. Players will incarnate as a tornado, eat a variety of items to expand their size in a limited time. Remember to avoid tornadoes bigger than you or you will be eaten by them. See if you can conquer the whole city. Have a good time! 

You start the fight is a small whirlwind. To accomplish the goal of victory, you first need to focus on moving around the map and rolling things into your "body" to grow bigger. When size is small, you can only capture small objects in the city such as trees, trash cans, benches and other small objects.

The battle is only for a short period of time and by the end of the game, the one with the highest position on the rankings is the winner. Here at, the position of your rank depends on the number of points you get from rolling objects and the number of opponents you destroy. Therefore, in addition to swallowing everything, you also need to watch out for the whirlwinds that are bigger than you, and hunt for opponents of smaller stature.

In addition, other special games similar to this game are also updated for game players in their free time such as and You will select those games and Save to your favorite game list to relax in your free time?

Instruction to play:

Drag left mouse button on the stick pad to move.