Cut The Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 is the first direct sequel in the Cut the Rope franchise, which is playable on pbs wonderful games for free. However, the second game offers a big change compared to the previous games. Though it keeps the main mechanics, where you have to cut ropes in order to make candies travel into the mouth of Om Nom, the delightful lizard, it also has a much broader gaming experience.

Your cuddly little monster friend is hungry again! In Cut the Rope 2 at, you will have to once again get that yummy candy into the big mouth of your patiently waiting friend. With a simple swipe, you can cut the rope stuck to the candy, and with a little help of gravity it will roll or fall towards your friend. Sometimes you will have to time it just right, pop some balloons on the way and really think hard to solve the puzzle in each level. Think you can do it? Or will the green guy go home sad and forelorn? Find out in Cut the Rope 2!

What really stands out in Cut the Rope 2 is that you will have a map of the levels that is very similar to the maps in the Candy Crush Saga, where you can choose which level you want to visit and, above all, which challenge you want to face on each level. Hope you like it!

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