Goodgame Empire: World War 3

Goodgame Empire: World War 3 is a fantastic strategy game that you can play here on pbs kids free. Work on continually improving your economy, as it takes money to win wars. By investing into new defense and military technologies, you will open up new and promising options. Train your units and equip them with new weaponry (such as tanks ...) to make sure nothing and nobody will stand in your way. 

Send your tanks and troops to capture villages, command their defenses and erect new colonies. Only the boldest generals and most level-headed strategists will claim victory. 

This game has superb graphics, fun gameplay and the tech tree and units are extensive. Build as variety of different troops to help defend your colony and to explore Mars and seek out other life forms. You can upgrade your buildings and units and research new items as you progress. It is time to pit your tactical skill and strategic acumen against players all over the world. Join the action-packed gameplay of Goodgame Empire: World War 3! 

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play this game