Snake Challenge

Snake Challenge is fun game suitable for all ages which is playable on juegos pbs. If you think that you are a master, try to do this in real time against your friends or other players from the internet. If not, try to improve your skills and become a real gamer.

Collect fruits and grow your snake. Avoid the four walls, and don't collide with yourself! Slither your way to get the highest score. 


- Keyboard controls for desktop. Touch to swipe controls for smartphones and tablets.

- Beautiful theme 

- Collect apples, grapes and oranges to increase your score and grow longer 

- Pro players: need a challenge? Double the speed of your snake, and double the thrill. Remake of the classic snake game. Reimagined with new graphics and theme.

Figure out each game mode's features and differentiate them by joining this game at right now! Play more card games like Growing Fish during your leisure time! 

Instruction to play: