Burnout Extreme Drift

Burnout Extreme Drift is a cool racing game to drift around at high speeds like a maniac which is playable on pbs free gear. Do you like snow and ice for drifting? Burnout Extreme Drift brings you a good dose of adrenaline. Customize your car and take it out to the tracks to race against other competitors or to show your drifting skills. 

The game offers you two game modes. The first is classic race and drifting is not the most important, the main quest is to finish the race at first position. If you want to unlock other maps, you must be first. The second mode is purely about drifting. At https://pbskidsgames.games/, try to drift as much as possible, get every single point. If you are the lover of the vehicles, you can adjust them. Choose from several colors. Get ready, put the pedal to the metal and start winning. Much time!

Earn coins based on how long you drift: the longer you drift, the more coins you earn. Once you have earned enough coins, you can buy new cars with better performance, including police cars! You can also customize the rims and the exhaust with cool colors. Have fun! 

With 3D eye-catching graphics and the attractive gameplay, I believe that this game will help you release stress in life. Besides, there are some similar games such as SplatPed 2 and Motor Hero

Instruction to play:

Use the Arrows or WASD to drive

The Space to handbrake