Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero

It's time to become a hero with Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero play it for free on taptapking.com !! A little character fully dressed in armor needs your help to defeat the different villains who will shoot you from the towers that have different heights. A villain came to the city and stands in the towers of the city and from that position he wants to dominate the world but does not have the appearance of a hero who with your help will eliminate all these enemies!

The objective of the game is to control the direction of the rocket to calculate the angle and thus be able to eliminate the enemies located on the heights of the different towers. You can collect many coins every time you eliminate an enemy and be able to buy different funny costumes. In addition, you can explore other new games like Hit Master. Unlock all levels and win with the highest score.

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to aim and shoot by calculating the angle or touch the screen on mobile devices.