Fly Car Stunt

Fly Car Stunt is a dynamic racing games which is playable on pbs car games. This game is an exhilarating experience in your favorite road vehicle integrated with soaring in the skies! We’re bringing you a new challenge with flying cars! Keeping your car on track is not easy. If you fall off the platform, you have to restart all over again. Win the race by reaching the finish line first. Have fun! 

You can open the game in two player game mode and you can struggle against a friend and you can make more exciting races. The game can be played for both 1 player and 2 player. Start your engine and get ready to fly. Race to the edge of the earth as you gaze down on ant-sized cars below. Here at, use the highway as a launching lane to take off. Spread those wings as soon as you’ve gained enough speed, then compete with planes and other flying cars in the atmosphere! 

More games with unique gameplay like this are also uploaded for free such as Road of Fury 3 and Rider 2. Take some time off to have fun with them! 

Instruction to play:

Player 1: Use the arrow keys to drive

Player 2: Use WASD to drive