Hungry Box - Eat before time runs out

Have fun by playing Hungry Box - Eat before time runs out on the Pbs kids online. Before time runs out, force the "hungry box" to consume some food. You only have 10 seconds left. Each time the meal is consumed, the timer will restart. There are several hidden box characters, such as fruits, cuisines, robots, ghosts, and superheroes. Get the highest score possible and uncover all hidden boxes!

Get ready for the journey and enjoy the skills you gain while playing the game. Relax with the highest score you have. You will love your new game and other similar games like Wugy HalloweenTower War.

Key Features:

- One touch control - 2D - Minimalist - Simple - Casual - Hypercasual.

Instruction to play:

Only the moving stick will let the "hungry box" move. Think quickly to click and hold on the screen to control the length of the "red" stick. Make sure the "hungry box" is always in the layout of the screen while you hunt for food.