Power Mahjong: The Journey

Power Mahjong is the original Mahjong game with a little twist that you can play here on pbs games unblocked. Help Paul the Panda reach his destination by playing Mahjong. Use your gathered power to see the available tiles or convert the tiles into Dragon tiles in Power Mahjong: The Journey. Enjoy!

In this game, you are scored on how fast you can clear all tiles from the board. Your score will be projected via stars. Try to solve all levels as fast as you can and get three stars. In Power Mahjong, you’ll also have a power meter. Once the power meter reaches half, you can activate it and gain the ability to highlight all available tiles, allowing you to pair them easier. If the power meter reaches full, you can activate a greater ability that will convert all immediate tiles into dragon tiles, so you can pair them immediately. Hope you like it!

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play this game