Woodle Tree Adventures

Woodle Tree Adventures is a fun platform game that you can play here on pbskids games for boys. You control and enchanted woodle tree and must travel around the magical world using your leaf to find the fairy’s tears – these tears will quench the thirst of the world! Once you are fully equipped with your magical leaf and your backpack you can enter the different levels. 

During each level, you have to navigate a series of objects and platforms to reach the end. The magical worlds are immersive and packed full of 3D details. Whilst navigating the level you must also try and collect as many berry’s as possible and store them in your backpack. As you travel you will encounter different magical creatures – you can fight them off by waving your magic leaf! Can you complete all the levels and save the fairy world?

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Instruction to play:

Use your WASD or arrow keys to move

Space bar to jump

Shift to sprint

E to attack