Adventure Time: Heroes of OOO

Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR damsels in distress need your help in Adventure Time: Heroes of OOO at pbs game play. Rising to the challenge, our hero Finn and his trusty hound, Jake, have set off on a quest to rescue these beautiful princesses. Each of them has been locked up in a different dungeon. Finding the dungeons isn’t that hard, but surviving them is. You’ll be up against deadly spike pits, candy zombies, and all kinds of tricky twists and turns!  Keep yourself ready for action at all times, because this arcade game is bringing plenty of it to you.

Even the bravest of heroes need help sometimes. If you really want to save the day, you will have to score some gems and use them to purchase upgrades from the peppermint butler. You can get more health, a bigger sword, or even body armor to protect you from enemy attacks. If you just want someone to fill up your health, talk to BMO, the friendly robot! Don’t spend too much time in town, though – those princesses need you! Good luck in this Adventure Time: Heroes of OOO game.

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Instruction to play: