Ballon Paradise

Ballon Paradise is a fun game suit all ages, especially for kids which is playable on pbs jocuri online. One thing that makes this a favorite of ours from the kids category, besides the fact that it’s funny, is the stress-relieving factor. You may notice after a few minutes of playing that your bad day suddenly melted away. Think about it – you get to pop things, which is satisfying in itself, and you’re in a sunny and tropical locale! A miniature vacation indeed. Smile your way to a high score with Balloon Paradise.

In the game at, the goal is to crushes all the balloons.. except the red one! So simple! Touch or click as fast as you can. Sure, you’ll be fairly busy focusing on the smirking and smiling balloons in this Balloon Paradise game, but the tropical background makes for a wonderful backdrop. As you scramble to pop these balloons, make sure you take a moment between rounds to appreciate your miniature vacation. Then you can get back to frantically popping the colorful little guys for big-time points! We just popped 18 in one round!

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact