Golden Beetle Average

Golden Beetle Average is a beautiful online cool education game which is playable on pbs math game. In this fun and educational game you will need to guide Beetle towards the blocks showing 3 numbers which need to be averaged. Calculate the average of the numbers and have Beetle go to the box containing the answer. Going to a box containing the wrong answer or falling off the edge will cost Beetle 1 of its 3 lives. 

Here at, solve a puzzle within 30 seconds to get bonus points. Solve all 10 problems to finish a level and finish all 10 levels to win the game.This is an ad free game. Much time!

These are simple games that anyone of any age can discover and overcome. You will love the game space of this game today. We create conditions for players to complete challenges and expand their favorite game world with some other interesting games like Missing Num Bubble and Orbiting Numbers Addition. You will choose the games to play that on your list today? 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or touch screen to guide the beetle